Faith of the Mountain

The Catholic Catechism
for the Maronite Church

Cedars in aShouf Lebanon

Lessons in Development

Image of the Lamb led to the slaughter and statue of the Blessed Virgin, Saint Maron's Church, Cleveland, Ohio

The links below lead to pages with the current order of summary statements of doctrine for the lessons for the relevant grades. Related references to the Cathechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) accompany the summary statements.
At this point, this documentation is only a proposal. The order and content may change as the materials are further developed with input from reviewers and decisions made by the project leader in consultation with the Bishops.

The catechetical references from the 2010 edition of Faith of the Mountain have been greatly expanded. This is not meant to increase the content treated in the lessons, but rather to provide richer background material for the catechists, parents and other adults working with children in the catechetical program so that they are better equipped to answer children's unscripted questions and feel more secure in facilitating student dialog. There is no expectation that all of the material in the CCC materials will be touched upon, much less fully treated in any lesson. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is written at an advanced academic level and was not written as a textbook, especially for primary and secondary school pupils, but as a reference.

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