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Welcome to the Maronite Wiki on Catholic Teaching in the Maronite Tradition!

Faith of the Mountain is the first series of catechetical materials prepared specifically for use in the formation of Maronite Catholic children and youth in any language. The series began with high school materials developed by Chorbishop Seely Beggiani and published between 1993 and 1997. This was followed by a series of books for grades 1 through 8 authored by Chorbishop Dominic Ashkar and published in 2000. This latter series was revised and published in 2010 in a second edition edited by Janie Gustafson, PhD. The 2020 edition is being produced in electronic format to allow for greater flexibility of presentation and continuous expansion of resources and formats for catechists, learners, parents and clergy.

This Maronite wiki has been established to support the Faith of the Mountain catechetical program by providing a forum for discussion, learning and sharing information and ideas about best practices in teaching and religious formation, Maronite history, the Maronite expression of Catholic teaching, Maronite liturgy, Maronite spirituality, Maronite music, Maronite literature, Maronite art, Syriac theological traditions, and Syriac and Arabic language, as they relate to the Maronite Catholic Church.

Since this is a wiki, one must understand that anyone can contribute to the pages and edit the content. One cannot assume that everything one sees in a wiki is completely accurate and take every statement at face value. For this reason, anything that one reads must be considered critically with an eye to the sources used and the consistency of the information with the teaching of the Catholic Church. This critical approach can only help the community produce a well thought out and well articulated product that will ultimately be useful both to individuals and to the Church. Of course, the expectation is that all contributions will be made respectfully and in good faith. To maintain the integrity of the content of the actual catechetical materials, they are maintained in a secure section of the website, not subject to anonymous edits and comments.